Be Always Ready: 3 Common AC Problems

Be Always Ready: 3 Common AC Problems

Be Always Ready: 3 Common AC Problems

While we’re in the middle of Summer, you and your family are probably enjoying that amazing AC installation in San Bernardino from a couple years ago. Though the average lifespan of a unit is around 10-years, from time to time, if not taken care of, there are some issues that might start appearing and causing trouble!

It’s always recommended to run maintenance on your AC unit once a year. However, things can happen and you might have to deal with unexpected problems. In order for you to always be ready, here are the most common issues that can affect an AC’s performance and state:

Problems With The Wiring

Think of the wiring as the veins and blood vessels of your system. Even after a successful AC installation San Bernardino, a poorly kept unit can start playing up. This means small problems could lead to much bigger problems pretty quickly if unattended.

After Summer ends and humid weather makes its way back into the house, animals outside might be looking for new adventures and could end up chewing on the wiring causing major problems.

We recommend to always keep a good eye on any sort of abnormalities or minor damage in this important part of your system. Since not doing so might end up costing you a lot more and it could become a danger to your home and family.

Bad wiring can cause short-circuiting or generate overloads, which is never good news for your wallet.


The refrigerant is the chemical that runs inside your AC unit and helps the whole system to work properly while being able to cool the air in the area off. It’s rather uncommon for you to have to refill or replace this liquid on a regular basis, which means that if you do, it only goes to show that something’s not quite right.

Leaks and further issues should only be handled by professionals, preferably someone you trust and you’ve been going to regularly for any other HVAC problems. Once the AC installation in San Bernardino is done, our team of professionals will guarantee that everything is working perfectly so that you don’t have to worry.

Problems With The Outer Fan

If your fan is located outside, it’s always worth it to keep an eye for debris, dust and all sorts of natural residuals that could very easily find their way into the unit. This could cause unexpected trouble and generate major expenses if it’s not taken care of immediately.

Though you don’t have to worry about branches or leaves, or even ice falling inside, try covering the unit while it is not working to protect it from the sun. Keeping the fan clean and fit will ensure that the whole system always works and performs as it should!

Whatever HVAC you might need, we will always be here for you! Give us a call today at (888) 523-2643! We also have 24/7 emergency service.

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