Can You Run Your AC Without a Filter For One Day?

Can You Run Your AC Without a Filter For One Day?

An air filter is used to filter harmful dirt out of the air in your home. The air you breathe should remain clean, fresh air and without allergens. If there isn’t a filtering system in the heating or ventilation systems and the air conditioner, you will detect a large amount of dust throughout your house. Air conditioning service experts in San Bernardino recommend replacing the air filter as soon as possible.

Using your AC anytime without an air filter is not advised due to the long-term harm it could do to the HVAC unit. Dust and dirt typically taken up by the filter could be absorbed by the AC system, causing destruction to the mechanical components and can cause costly repairs.

How Long Can An Air Conditioner Run Without A FIlter?

Generally speaking, it’s never a good idea to operate your HVAC or air conditioner equipment without an air filter installed. This could lead to permanent damage and the likelihood of needing costly repairs.

Technically speaking, your AC can run without a filter; however, it is advised not to do so. The quality of your AC is likely to degrade when it is not equipped with filtering for more than six hours. In addition, running your AC without a filter for any period is always risky for the system. 

If you are considering this possibility, certain environmental elements should be considered that could affect the length of time that the system will run without harm.

What do you have to do?

Our AC repair experts in San Bernardino advise that it is possible to use it for a brief period without issues, like one or two hours; however, you’re better off purchasing an oversized filter, trimming it down, and forcing it to fit, or if you must create a custom filter and then buy time. The primary function of the HVAC filter is to guard your equipment. Controlling dust and reducing allergens are only minor advantages.

Issues with running the AC without a filter

A well-designed air filter lets air flow freely from the unit. A dirty air filter causes a low internal temperature and causes building up within the air conditioning. If left for long enough, the accumulation of cold air could form ice around the air coils.

The air filter in AC is essential to your home, particularly for those with respiratory illnesses. It creates healthy air to breathe. It shields people from allergies caused by a dirty filter. Our AC repair experts in San Bernardino say that if you have a forced-air system, the allergens will release into the air you breathe.

The air conditioner that is running without filtering will decrease indoor air quality. This can lead to throat and nose inflammation, itching in the eyes, and more. A person may feel uncomfortable when dust gets at home, especially when the AC unit is on and running.

When you use the AC without an air filter, the AC overheats and then shuts down often. Are you still in doubt about running your AC without a filter? Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Call us at 888-523-2643 to schedule an appointment for professional air conditioning service in San Bernardino.

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