Common Furnace Problems & How To Troubleshoot Those Problems

Common Furnace Problems & How To Troubleshoot Those Problems

If your furnace has been damaged, you can call the heating tune-up San Bernardino to fix it. This blog will take you through the issues one can face with the furnace and how to debug or troubleshoot such issues.

Common Furnace Problems And Their Solutions

  • Strange Noises From the Furnace: Unusual sounds like wheezing or rattles from the HVAC indicate mechanical issues, which might be the airflow reductions or the clogged burner. The possible solutions would be, insulating the duct or lubricating the belts or the motor.
  • The Blower Running Continuously: Usually, the blower functions periodically, but if you hear the motor running all the time, then the problem might be that the thermostat is malfunctioning or possibly the thermostat is set at “continuous fan” mode. This can be solved by either changing the setting or contacting the HVAC professionals to solve it.
  • Blue Burner Flames: If you look carefully, then you can identify the color of the flame. If the flame looks bluish, it indicates your burners are working as new, but if they are yellow or any color other than blue, it’s time to clean the burners.
  • The Furnace is not Blowing Air: Check the blower window, look for any clogged debris, and there is a flashing light, and if it is green, then the problem isn’t a serious one. If the light is red or there is no light, you should immediately call a technician because this indicates that there is something wrong with some electronic part.
  • Malfunctioning of the Flame Sensor: If you notice that the flame sensor isn’t able to heat up fast enough or isn’t able to reach the temperature set, then you might want to have a look at the flame sensor which is placed at the back of the furnace, and if it is dirty, then simple cleaning could solve the problem.
  • Smelling Gas: While your HVAC is functioning, in case you can smell gas, there is a chance that your gas pipeline is punctured and the gas is leaking out. The first thing you do is switch off the HVAC, close the gas knobs, and then call the technician to repair the pipeline.
  • An Outdated Furnace: After your furnace has surpassed its warranty period, it starts to lose its efficiency, and you see a sudden spike in your utility charges which is certainly not a good sign. The performance starts lowering, and the maintenance charges start to rise with due course of time.

This is the time when you need to opt for a furnace replacement. A new heating setup will always be better than using your old one with reduced efficiency.

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