Furnace Not Working? The 5 Most Common Causes

Furnace Not Working? The 5 Most Common Causes

Different furnace manufacturers and models offer benefits, limitations, and disparities in outcomes, just like any other important asset in your life – vehicle, home entertainment center, margarita machine, etc.

Homeowners frequently call HVAC services in an emergency when their furnace or heat pump has already broken down. Customers are charged a diagnostic service cost and an emergency service fee if they require quick assistance. It might be as simple as a faulty thermostat battery or a blocked air filter.

Let Us See Some of the Most Common Causes of a Furnace Breakdown:

  • The Thermostat won’t turn on: A broken thermostat is one of the most prevalent furnace issues. If your fan is always running, it’s a solid indicator your thermostat isn’t operating correctly. Your thermostat battery will run, and your furnace will perform inefficiently as a result. Set the fan to “auto”.

Now see whether it runs continuously at all temperature levels to determine if this is the issue with the thermostat. If it still does not operate well, you must call a professional for furnace repair in San Bernardino.

  • Dirty and Clogged Filters: Clogged or dirty furnace air filters can restrict the amount of air your unit receives. This leads to lowering its efficiency. It is also possible that your limit switch will be damaged due to clogged filters. Replace your air filters at least once a quarter to maintain peak performance.
  • The Pilot Light is not Working: The pilot light in your furnace is critical to its effective operation. If it’s flickering or has a yellow tint, it might be a sign that there’s too much carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. You must call your local furnace specialist for a heating tune-up in San Bernardino and any changes to your pilot light.
  • The Heat Exchanger is Cracked: Unfortunately, this is an expensive problem. A heat exchanger ensures that the furnace functions safely. It separates the hot flame from the air. Unfortunately, if you overheat your home or fail to repair your air filters regularly, your heat exchanger may break. Call a furnace professional to diagnose the problem if your heat goes off and get a replacement for the heat exchanger.
  • Rattling or Pinging Noises from your Furnace: Is there a popping, pinging, or rattling sound coming from your furnace? A variety of factors might be at blame. The most common cause of rattling noises is loose panels on the furnace that need to be tightened. The ductwork is most likely the source of pinging or popping noises. Whether you are heating or cooling your home, it will expand and shrink.

Are you having any of these problems? Then it’s probably time to call a furnace repair in san Bernardino specialist to come out and take a look. Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning has provided furnace services to communities in San Bernardino County.

Our specialists can evaluate your furnace, identify any problems, and propose the best course of action, which may include replacing your furnace or conducting some of the most routine furnace repairs. To book an appointment with our specialists, call us at (888) 523-2643.

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