How Do I Stop My AC From Spitting Up Water?

How Do I Stop My AC From Spitting Up Water?

If your air conditioner is spitting water, then don’t worry! We have got you! We have a collective idea of all the techniques by which you can solve this problem all by yourself!

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Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Spitting Water!

It is necessary to know why the water leak is happening before jumping on how to fix it. It is a common and natural phenomenon of water coming out from the air conditioner unit. However, if the amount is more than usual, there is something wrong with the air conditioner.

Here are the reasons explaining possibly why your AC is spitting out water:

  • The condensate drain is clogged and blocked.
  • The drain pan is damaged, due to which the excess water is not evaporating. If the drain pan is damaged, something is wrong with the drainage system. It is better to call the AC repair technician for a quick check.
  • Behind most of the problems, a dusty air filter is a reason that the temperature of the AC system increases due to dust and debris collected in the system. The frost starts to melt, due to which the water leaks from the AC unit.
  • The refrigerant leak could also be one of the reasons why water is coming out from the AC. It can be fixed by the AC technicians from the heating repair in San Bernardino.

How To Fix The Water Leakage Problem?

We have discussed the possible reasons why water is leaking from the AC unit. Let’s jump on to the point of how to fix it!

Use the following techniques:

For a Central AC Unit in Your House

If you have central AC vents leaking water in your house, the drain would probably be blocked. The solution is easy. All you need to do is unclog the drain!

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Unclog the drain
Step 2: Clean it with a dry and damp cloth.
Step 3: Ensure that the condensate pan is draining accurately.
Step 4: If you find any bends in the pan, try removing them and reshaping the pan.

For The Window AC Unit

If you have a room air conditioner, then follow these steps to empty the unclogged drain:

Step 1: First of all, unplug the AC from the wall.
Step 2: From the wall, carefully take the unit out of the window.
Step 3: Now, search for a pull-out pan.
Step 4: In the pull-out pan, search for a small rubber plug.
Step 5: If you have found the plug, all you need to do is pull the plug, and all the collected water comes out gushing from the AC unit.

If this technique doesn’t solve the issue, then there might be something that only an AC and heating repair expert in San Bernardino, CA can solve! Call the best and most skilled furnace and AC repair expert from one of the best HVAC companies in San Bernardino, CA today! Call at (888) 523-2643!

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