How Do You Fix a Non-Working Air Conditioner?

How Do You Fix a Non-Working Air Conditioner?

At times, common problems can take up so much of your precious time and energy, especially when it comes to AC issues. Our experts at Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning  will tell you how to take appropriate action in these situations and how to rectify them effectively. 

How to fix a non-working air conditioning system?

If you switched on the AC system, and it suddenly stops working, or it is not working, then you should check the following things first: 

AC Switch

First, check whether the AC system is plugged into an electric switch and ensure the switch is flipped up. There is a small electrical breaker somewhere near the indoor unit. Sometimes it also gets tripped down, and the power supply stops going to the AC. Do not forget to see the switch position.

If you see the trips fall after some time, you flip it up, then call the AC repair technician in San Bernardino, CA


The next thing you need to check is the thermostat’s settings. Maybe the batteries that power the thermostat are drained out. Bring in a new set of batteries and replace them with the old ones. Ensure the fan settings are on and set to cool mode. Lower the temperature slightly less than the room temperature and see if the AC works accurately? 

Outdoor unit

Sometimes, the AC is working perfectly, but the air is not coming from the vents. It happens due to blocked and dirty air filters, duct systems, condenser coils, and vents. If you notice a dirty and dusty air filter, replace it and check whether there is any change in the AC’s condition.

Even the foliage and external debris around the outdoor unit messes up the cooling process and blocks the airway. Everything around the outdoor unit up to three feet should be clear. Call the air conditioning services in San Bernardino, CA for maintenance services if you are behind the maintenance schedule. 

Why is my AC still not working?

Is your AC still not working even after trying all the above methods? According to our experts, it is not a simple problem that DIY hacks and tricks can solve. An expert can only help you resolve the trouble.

Here are some reasons according to the AC repair experts in San Bernardino, CA:

  • The AC blower motor may have burned due to a blocked filter.
  • The compressor is malfunctioning which is why the air cannot be processed.
  • Check the AC main fuse in the outdoor unit if the AC system is not working. The main fuse must have tripped down due to electrical overload.
  • Clogged drains or broken condensate pans can restrict the cooling process.

If none of the DIY hacks can help you solve the issue, then without wasting any more time, call the AC repair technician in San Bernardino, CA. You can contact Daniel’s Heating and Air Conditioning Services at (888) 523-2643 to hire a professional and skilled technician.

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