How Do You Know If Your Home AC Needs Recharging?

How Do You Know If Your Home AC Needs Recharging?

Air conditioners (AC’s) are one of the most common HVAC machines that we have. That’s why it is not surprising to know that air conditioner issues make up the bulk of HVAC problems. 

There are certain signs that the air conditioner shows, which can help you know that it’s time to act. Yes, the system shows the signs, and if you can detect it on time, you can get it repaired well before any major issues.

To talk about it more and help you in this regard, here we will discuss some of the changes that help you detect when your home AC needs recharging. So, check this one out.

Fall In Cooling Power

Have you noticed the usage time of your air conditioner and the cooling effect produced? Is it not sufficient or lower than before? That’s a major sign that it’s time for a recharge. The refrigerant in your device, R-22, is the one that makes you feel the cool absorbing hot air. So, when you feel that your air conditioner is making you feel more sweaty than cool, you should get it checked and refill the refrigerant.

Problem With Fan

The fan of the air conditioner is an important component of its function. It helps the blowing in of cool air and blowing out of hot one. Any issue with it is a hint that it’s time to get it back on track. One basic test to check problems with fans is its start time. Check whether the fan starts as soon as you switch on the AC or if it is taking time to start. If it takes time to start (check 2 to 3 times), you should consult the professional services provider.

Ice In The Refrigerant Line

The refrigerant pipeline in the system’s outdoor unit starts to see the build of ice if low on the Freon level. When the level of the Freon is low, it leads to the cooling of the evaporator coil of the AC. This causes the refrigerant to flow backward in the refrigerant line. As a result, the moisture around the refrigerant line starts to freeze up. When you see this get the Freon level checked.

Filter Problem

Filters often give unwanted trouble. When the airflow is obstructed or the air the system blows out has more dust-laden particles, it’s a clear hint. The hint that the filters are clogged. Either it’s time to clean them, or it’s the replacement time.
Problems related to your air conditioner never happen all of a sudden. The system always gives a hint or sign before they occur. Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning is known for offering quality services, especially AC repair in San Bernardino. Contact us by calling (909) 851-0533 or (888) 523-2643 to get the best and most affordable HVAC services done.

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