How Do You Reset Your AC Breaker Outside?

How Do You Reset Your AC Breaker Outside?

No homeowner likes it when their air conditioning device stops running abruptly on a hot summer day. Such occurrences are even more prevalent after power outages. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to call an expert for air conditioning maintenance near you  immediately. While it is prudent to call a professional to get the job done, there are some simple steps you can attempt yourself.

Steps to Reset your Air Conditioner Outside Breaker

Trying your hand air conditioner troubleshooting can save you from spending too much time and money on an already busy day. If your air conditioning device has a reset button, you can merely press it and wait for the magic to happen.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to wait, you can use the four steps below to reset your outside air conditioner breaker manually:

Switching off the thermostat

The initial step is to switch off the air conditioner thermostat to keep it from turning to cool while resetting the outside breaker. In addition, you must ensure that the thermostat exhibits in the ‘off’ position on the shutoff board.

Resetting the circuit breaker compartment

Moving on to the subsequent step, you need to find your circuit breaker. A circuit breaker typically remains positioned in cellar or garage spaces, closets, or crawl areas. Furthermore, as soon as you locate the breaker, you must turn it off.

Wait for some time

Now that your air conditioner outside breaker is in the off position, you can use a timer to wait for approximately 60 seconds before switching it on again. Next, look at the condenser lines on the outer part of your air conditioning device. Wash them to the highest possible standard if the airflow inside your home remains obstructed.

Switching the thermostat back on

The final step is to switch the thermostat back on. Nevertheless, do not merely jump on to this step. Many HVAC experts recommend waiting for another 30 minutes. Waiting 30 minutes before turning on the thermostat ensures that the breaker resets accurately. Then, the subsequent step is to start your air conditioning device by setting it to a temperature at least five degrees lower than the standard room temperature.

Common reasons your air conditioning device outside breaker keeps tripping are because of dirt trapped inside indoor or outdoor units, loose connections, or a grounded compressor. In addition, note that resetting your air conditioner breaker even if it keeps tripping can be dangerous, and you must avoid it in all circumstances. So if you are still facing the issue of circuit breaker tripping even after performing all the required steps, it is time to call experts for repair service.


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