How Long Do AC Units Last In California?

How Long Do AC Units Last In California?

As a homeowner, your air conditioner is among one of the most considerable investments for your house and many people desire the best return on this investment. In order for your air conditioner system to serve you better, your AC system requires tune-ups and maintenance once or twice a year to ensure it is in optimal condition. From AC installation in San Bernardino to AC replacement, everything contributes to the lifespan of your AC. Below is more information on the topic:

Facts That Influence the Lifespan of your AC

  • AC Installation Quality: How your AC will work relies heavily on how accurately you install your system. Always hire a professional provider of AC installation in San Bernardino to do this job. Only a professional team can understand your requirement and evaluate your home size and energy demand to suggest the best AC for you.
  • Personal Preference Matters: We have different preferences for room temperature. Since the thermostat manages all of our heat preferences, we use it to circulate the exact temperature across our house.

Continuous shuffling of thermostat settings can damage the system if it is central AC. At this point, you might have to call for air conditioning repair in San Bernardino. If this continues every season, your AC will not have a longer lifespan.

  • The Climate Condition: It makes no sense to tell you that climate conditions affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. In the case of ductless mini-split AC, the indoor and outdoor units work together to provide you with the best quality air.

Due to severe weather conditions, the outdoor unit will receive its effect. You can consult your reliable provider to secure your HVAC system from natural calamities.

  • Air Quality Matters: Air quality differs based on the place. Air quality in more hilly areas will be completely different from the seashore areas. The salty air can bring corrosion to your outdoor unit more frequently than any other air-borne material. Be careful to opt for Air Conditioning Replacement in  San Bernardino on time to extend your HVAC’s life.
  • Regular Maintenance Work: If you provide a regular tune-up to your AC, you are less likely to go for AC repair in San Bernardino anytime soon. Regular maintenance service will be beneficial for your HVAC system because:
  1. Maintenance service ensures the better efficiency of your system.
  2. Your AC will provide you with improved indoor air.
  3. Your energy cost will be low.
  4. Most importantly, your AC’s lifespan will increase.

Regular maintenance will not be cheap, but in the long, it will save your AC and your hard-earned money.


In California, the summer becomes hotter than in most other regions. We suggest you use your HVAC but take care of it from time to time and maintain a balance. While we are on this topic, let us refer you to the best contractor for AC replacement in San BernardinoDaniels Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our extensive HVAC service is quite affordable and professional. We boast of having trained technicians for your AC repair in San Bernardino and any other AC requirements. Contact us at (888) 523-2643 today for a service quote. 

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