How To Fix The Most Common Furnace Problems

How To Fix The Most Common Furnace Problems

Nothing is more frustrating as a householder than a broken furnace. But, unfortunately, we all have to deal with problems related to our home’s heating system at some point. However, when you call experts regularly for yourheating service in San Bernardino , you can readily detect the issues at the earliest and save money on costly furnace repair or replacement.

How to Fix Common Furnace Problems?

Here are some of the prevalent heating problems and how you canṣ fix them. 

  • Broken Furnace Thermostat: A broken thermostat is among the most common heater problems. If your fan is constantly going, it’s a sure sign that your thermostat isn’t functioning correctly. It will cause your thermostat charger to discharge and your furnace to operate incompetently. Set the fan to auto and check if it’s running continuously at correct heating configurations. 
  • Dirty and Clogged Air Filters: A dirty or blocked up filter can limit the consumption required by your furnace, lowering its efficiency. It may also result in harm to your control valve. To ensure the best performances, replace your filters once a quarter.
  • Pilot Light Issues: Your pilot light is vital to the proper operation of your furnace. If you notice it flickering or turning yellow, this could indicate that there is too much carbon monoxide in your propane furnace. Any changes to your pilot light should necessitate contacting your local heater technician.
  • Broken Heat Exchanger: Unfortunately, this is an expensive problem. The heating element distinguishes the warming fire from the air, allowing your furnace to run safely. Unfortunately, if you overheat your home or fail to replace your air filter regularly, your heat exchanger may break. Therefore, when this issue arises, it is better to call experts as solving this issue on your own might damage your machine. 
  • Broken or Frayed Blower Belt: Your blower belt is a component of a motor that powers your furnace’s fan. However, this will deform or break from time to time. While your furnace is operating, you may notice a high-pitched screeching sound. Replacing this blower belt will help your fan’s productivity and effectiveness.
  • Short-Cycling: Do you realize that your furnace commonly turns on, often after it has just completed a cycle? Then you may have an obstructed filter, insufficient airflow, or your furnace is set too high or too low. A furnace that cycles frequently will lead to a higher electricity bill.
  • Malfunctioning Limit Switch: If your limit switch isn’t working correctly, you will realize that your heater may continuously run even when it shouldn’t.
  • The Furnace is Not Blowing Air: This problem could arise due to several factors. The main issue is keeping your blower clear of debris to prevent it from becoming clogged. Next, check to see if your furnace has a flashing light.

If you are facing any of the above issues with your furnace system, it is time to call experts for your heating repair in San Bernardino. At Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning, we are a leading HVAC company in San Bernardino and nearby areas, and we can help you save money on all your furnace-related issues. For more details, feel free to call us at (888) 523-2643

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