How To Reset Your Air Conditioner?

How To Reset Your Air Conditioner?

The Air conditioner is one of the reliable resources to face the hot summer days. It works harder to cool the house when the temperature outside increases. Homeowners must maintain the unit to keep it working efficiently and at its full capacity by calling out to professionals like Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning for regular checkups.

When it’s hot outside, the unit overheats and can cease to function. In that case, you know how to troubleshoot the air conditioner before calling the HVAC professionals. You can perform a simple reset option to get the unit to start working again.

Why Do We Need A Reset?

There can be many reasons for the unit to stop working; power outage is one of them. During the power outage, the unit shuts off with the rest of the appliances. But other electronics like bulbs and fans can come back on their own if you find the air conditioner not on. You have to perform a reset. To help the unit run effectively after a power outage, follow the given steps below to reset your air conditioner;

  • Unplug The Electrical Outlet: The first step in resetting the unit is to unplug the unit from the electrical outlet. Start by turning off the unit with your thermostat. You must do this to prevent the thermostat from making the connection air conditioner conditioning system while performing the reset process.By cutting the power at the circuit breaker directly, we establish that the system doesn’t strain. It is an important step for safety as we can work on the ac unit. You can take the help of the user manual to understand the process better.
  • Give Some Time: After cutting the power supply, wait for 30 seconds or a full minute. You have to be patient as it is advised to give the internal circuitry after the outage. You can set a timer for 60 seconds and then return the power to the unit after it.
  • Locate The Reset Button: Homeowners must locate the reset button. It is on the visible spot of the unit. The button will be tiny, so you need to see it carefully and press it once located. Check if the air conditioner is working. If you see no response from the unit in the first go, you can press it again. If you still don’t get any response, get to the circuit breaker box. Look for the switch controls of the Breaker that is linked to the unit and turn it on and off. The unit must turn on after this. In case the problem persists, you must reach up to professionals like Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning. Resetting the air conditioner unit is a solution for a tripped circuit breaker or power outage. But, if you find your circuit breaking again and again, it can be a sign of a potential fire hazard that needs an immediate response. You must try not to reset the unit more than 2-3 times as it can damage the parts of the system. Homeowners must avoid the unaware AC problems and indulge in a professional AC repair in San Bernardino.


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