Reasons Why An Air Conditioner Loses Efficiency Over Time

Reasons Why An Air Conditioner Loses Efficiency Over Time

Though your AC can last you a long time, there are a few reasons as to why you might require an air conditioning replacement in San Bernardino. Among them, one of the common ones is low efficiency. Before summer comes around, it is important to ensure your system is ready.

Five Reasons Why Your System Loses its Efficiency

There are times when you can increase your system’s efficiency, and there are times when you cannot. Here are a few reasons why an AC loses its efficiency:

  • Age of The Unit: While age might just be a number, it is one of the main reasons your system loses its efficiency. Regardless of the number of times you get your air conditioner repaired, your system will still lose its efficiency once it reaches its tenth year. While you may be looking after your system properly, it will begin to wear out the longer it is being used. At such a point, it might not be possible to raise its efficiency level back up.
  • Dirty Air Filters: This is another common reason why an air conditioner loses its efficiency. Dirty air filters result in a build-up of dust, pollen, and airborne allergens within the system. This build-up causes a restriction in the system’s airflow, which can put a strain on it. Over time, this causes the unit’s performance to drop as a result of low efficiency. At this point, the system will begin to consume larger amounts of enabling to function properly.
  • Dirty Condenser: Many individuals tend to forget about the outdoor unit of the system mainly because it is well hidden. Due to this, the unit’s condenser can become dirty with dust and debris. If the system runs in this condition, it prevents the evaporators from properly releasing any heat. This results in the system losing its efficiency as it struggles to function, resulting in the need for an air conditioning replacement in San Bernardino.
  • Leaks in Ductwork: While the ductwork might have been sealed when it was made, it can spring a leak after some time. The ductwork is the passage through which air passes to and for from your AC. A leak in the ductwork can cause the air to be trapped within your walls. This causes a backflow which can cause problems with your system. If the issue is not seen immediately, it can result in your system losing its efficiency.
  • Irregular Maintenance: While it is important to service your system annually, regular maintenance works as a checkup that ensures your system remains in good condition. Without these, your AC is prone to face certain issues or damages which could affect its efficiency. Rather than allow this to occur, regular checkups will help or even increase your system’s efficiency while helping to avoid any wear and tear that may happen.

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