The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

When your AC breaks down, you can easily feel the discomfort that soon follows. There are a few obvious signs that an AC is starting to fail. Contact Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning if you notice any of the below signs.

Signs of a Possible AC Breakdown

AC remote is not working

You should check the battery inside the AC remote controller if your remote controller doesn’t work. There’s a good chance that the battery is depleted. Check to see if the IR sensor is covered. 

AC is not cooling properly

There are several reasons why your air conditioner may not be cooling properly. It could be due to clogged air filters, low refrigerant, a faulty motor, a dirty outdoor unit, or even incorrect mode selection.

Water leaking inside the room

There are several reasons why water leaks inside the room. There is either a clogged condensate drainage pipe (due to dirt, dust, algae, or fungi), a damaged or rusted drain pan, or a broken condensate pump.

Water leaking outside the room

During normal operation, it is normal for an AC to release water outside the room. Hot weather usually causes that water to evaporate. Your AC may be leaking water outside your home because you have set it to an extremely low temperature.

Unusually high electricity bills

Are your electricity bills unusually high? For various reasons, your air conditioner can consume more power than usual, resulting in high electricity bills. If you are leaving doors or windows open, it could be due to improper insulation.

AC is making an unusual sound

Fan blades or other components may have fallen loose or work incorrectly. A loud buzzing noise might indicate clogged air filters, material lodged in your air conditioner’s interior or outdoor unit, or some loose parts.

AC is vibrating vigorously

If your split air conditioner’s window AC or outdoor unit is rattling and vibrating dangerously, there may be a problem with how you installed the air conditioner. Ensure the outside unit for your window air conditioner or split air conditioner is leveled and firmly positioned on its installation base.

Ice formation on the evaporator coils

The entire AC’s cooling system is impacted when a thin coating of ice develops on the coil because it cannot absorb latent heat. When you don’t frequently repair your air conditioner, dirt, dust, and fungus build up on the air filter and other components, which causes this issue.

AC keeps turning on & off

If your AC keeps turning on and off repeatedly, there could be an electrical problem. In this case, it is important to have your AC examined by a professional. A defective temperature sensor or a failed compressor might be the cause of the problem.

Your AC’s bad odor

Filthy coils or air filters might cause your air conditioner’s unpleasant and musty odor. You must maintain the filters, and to clean the coil, you need specialized equipment, or you could hire someone to do it for you.

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