What Happens When A Fuse Is Blown?

What Happens When A Fuse Is Blown?

A circuit breaker, or fuse, interrupts the electrical power flow to shield the electrical circuit from damage caused by an excess current due to the short circuit or overload. Understanding the root cause of the blown fuse will ensure that you restore power and run your system as quickly as possible. You can also contact Daniels Heating And Air Conditioning and we will dispatch a heating tune-up expert in San Bernardino to determine the root cause of the blowing fuse.

The most common causes of a blown fuse:

The Most Common Causes Of A Blown Fuse:
Consider the following possible reasons why the fuse could blow before calling a heating service specialist in San Bernardino.

  • Overloaded Circuit

The most frequent cause of blowing fuses is an overloaded circuit. That is the most simple repair that you can make at home and could prevent a home fire. If you’re constantly overloaded on your circuit, it’s time to switch out appliances in high demand or upgrade the circuits in your home.

Our heating tune-up experts in San Bernardino suggest that overloading can result from various factors; however, electrical appliances are especially susceptible. If your device is powered by an electric motor or has a big power draw, it can cause the circuit to overload.

  • Old Wires

Another reason that can cause a blown-out fuse is the age of the fuse and hidden wires. If you suspect a problem, you should consult our licensed electrician.

  • Failing Component

A blown fuse typically indicates a component malfunctioning or drawing excessive current. It could affect devices that interface with drivers or more advanced systems. If you suspect a blown-out fuse, you should replace the fuse as fast as you can.

  • Short Circuit

A short circuit happens when an electric current moves through an unplanned path. The real cause is two electrical wires that are live and touching. A short circuit can harm the fuse box, electrical devices, and your home.

 Some DIY tips to fix your blown fuse:

  • Find Out Where the Outage Took Place

Switch off all lights and disconnect the appliances that might have caused the fuse to go off. Examine different rooms to determine the areas where electricity has been lost. Switch off these appliances and keep the lights off until you resolve the issue.

  • Reset the Circuit Breaker

Check the circuit breaker to find an unresponsive switch. It must be in line with the other switches, either off or on. Resetting it might be sufficient to resolve the issue.

Before you proceed, ensure that your hands are completely dry. Make use of a flashlight to examine the fuse box for damaged fuses. There is likely melted glass or metal that has discolored the blown fuse.

  • Replace the Blown Fuse

Unscrew the fuse in your blown circuit and replace it with a new one. Make sure that the replacement you purchase is a perfect match. After replacing the new fuse, check the areas where the lights have stopped working in your home.


If your circuit fuse or breaker is always being triggered, there may be an even bigger electrical issue to address. Your fuse may be short-circuiting because of a weak connection of wires, damaged wiring, or an internal issue.

Contact Daniels Heating And Air Conditioning to fix damaged fuses. Call us at 888-523-2643 to set an appointment for a heating service in San Bernardino.

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