What Happens When You Forget To Do Regular AC Maintenance

What Happens When You Forget To Do Regular AC Maintenance

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Rest assured that you’re not the only person who struggles to remember when to change their filters or schedule a tune-up! It’s not exactly the type of chore that’s immediately obvious to do like dusting the dirty blinds or vacuuming your carpet. However, this has a much bigger impact on your overall comfort than you probably realize……

You see when you avoid scheduling air conditioning maintenance and later forget to do it at all, you risk causing some significant damage to your system. Now it may not happen for a long time, and a quick tune-up could easily reverse anything that bad that may have happened.

However, if you’re the type of person who wants to avoid big problems before they happen, then we suggest that you read the rest of this article to learn how important this job really is……

Your Bills Start To Get More Expensive

You better believe that not changing your air filters regularly can put a serious dent in your bank account. The way this happens is actually very simple and we’ll explain without using technical terms or describing the complex inner workings of the air conditioner.

If dust, lint, dirt, or other particles get through the filter, it has to be removed somehow still. The filter is meant to keep this from happening but they can only catch so much before it’s time to replace them. When it isn’t removed, it tends to get inside of the deepest parts of your air conditioner and stay there.

At this point it will hinder the performance of the fans, motors, and coils that are inside of the unit. This means the air conditioner must work harder to get cool air pushed through that, and that means an increased risk of wear and tear that can cause the parts to break down. More energy means higher bills, basically.

You Risk The Possibility Of Needing Pricey Repairs

And now you either finally get rid of the debris that’s trapped inside, or you further risk a big part of your air conditioner falling apart. These machines are tough enough to withstand plenty of abuse, but only for so long. It’s hard to predict what parts will break down, but usually this trend will result in an overall lack of cool air and maybe even a complete shutdown of the unit.

And You’ll Shorten The Lifespan Of Your Air Conditioner

The longer you ignore the problem and avoid seeking out air conditioning maintenance , the further decrease in performance you’ll get in the long run. AC replacements are some of the pricier jobs we handle, and many people need financing just to afford what’s now a basic necessity in most homes. Trust us when say that it’s a lot easier to change your filters every month and call us for regular inspections at (888) 523-2643. We hope to hear from you soon!

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