When to say, “Enough is enough”

When to say, “Enough is enough”

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“Daddy, I’m sleepy,” says our youngest, age three. She’s rubbing her eyes and it strikes me as odd because I know she napped at daycare and has been going to bed on a schedule. But I look at her eyes and see dark circles. She’s not exaggerating and she really does look tired.

When it’s affecting your loved ones

When I ask my wife her thoughts, she also admits to feeling extra fatigued lately. “Yeah, I just haven’t been getting a good night’s’ rest lately and I’ve probably been more stressed from work.” I don’t really know what’s caused the recent decline in our sleep quality at the time, but I keep it in the back of my mind. After coming home one evening from work, I notice it feels warmer. “Is it just me, or does it feel hotter than usual inside?” I ask. Everyone agrees. The thermostat is set to a reasonable setting, and the filter looks clean. “What in the world is going on?”

Debating between replacement and repairs

Life is busy, particularly for working parents with small children. John and his family were all losing sleep because their AC wasn’t performing like it used to and it was wearing out. In this case, the AC was getting old and it was time to start thinking about AC Installation San Bernardino with a replacement unit. While they could have gotten a repair, they started with a maintenance appointment from us at Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning.

How Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning helped John and his family decide?

We gave them options. A replacement was possible but it would cost more than $500 and the unit was older. John knew the previous owners of the home had it installed when they first moved in but they didn’t seem like the types to schedule seasonal maintenance. After considering repairs for a brief while and deciding without a warranty and way of knowing another problem wouldn’t start soon after, John decided, “enough is enough”.

The decision point

A new AC offered him several benefits the costly repair could not. First, his system would be in warranty from the manufacturer and from us for labor on installation. Second, the model would do a better job cooling the home. Newer models are more powerful yet run more efficiently. Lastly, he knew he wanted his daughter to grow up in this home, so the investment in a new system would pay off in energy bill savings over time.

Are you in John’s situation with a faulty AC on your hands?

If you’re trying to decide between a repair and AC Installation San Bernardino, you owe it to yourself to call Daniels Heating and Air Conditioning. Since 1991, we’ve helped families just like John’s make the right decision. Let our experienced technicians see if you can get more value out of your current AC or make the switch and actually save more money. Increase your comfort now by calling us today at (888) 523-2643.

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