Why Is Changing Furnace Filters So Important?

Why Is Changing Furnace Filters So Important?

When was the last time you thought about your furnace filter in your home? Now is the time to consider changing your air filter if you haven’t done so in a while.

At Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning, we want your system to work as cleanly and effectively as possible, and air filter replacement (along with seasonal maintenance!) is a vital part of that.

Here are some reasons why replacing your furnace filter is so important for the comfort of your house and the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

  • Clogged Filter results in an Inefficient System: To make your system function as effectively as possible, you should first change your furnace filter. Your furnace and air conditioner have to work twice as hard to circulate air through your home when the air filter is clogged with dust, filth, and grime.

This will increase your energy expenses, as well as your carbon impact and budget. The air filter can be replaced quickly, easily, and effectively. You should get a heating service in San Bernardino from a trained technician for filter replacement.

  • Dirty Air Filters are Harmful to Health: Dust, dander, and even mold may circulate through your house if your air filter is unclean. This implies that your family will be exposed to these substances, aggravating asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. A clean air filter will capture these particles better, allowing your family to breathe freely.
  • Clogged Filters Compress the Life of your System: Higher energy bills arise from your system, which will work more to heat and cool your house. Your system may potentially overheat and burn out as a result of this. The stress imposed on the blower and the overall HVAC unit might cause your system to fail prematurely.

At Air Experts, we’ve discovered that a blocked air filter is the most common reason customers approach us with a fully broken system. You don’t want to pay for a replacement before it’s due when a simple air filter switch would solve the problem. It is far too expensive to disregard your air filter.

  • Dirty Air Filters Raise your Maintenance Costs: A blocked air filter may not necessarily result in system failure, but it does result in costly maintenance. With frequent air filter changes, you can avoid a blower that stops operating or ductwork that needs to be cleaned regularly owing to the dust traveling around your home.

Consider making air filter replacement a regular part of your routine if you’d rather spend your money on something other than replacing and repairing elements of your heating and cooling system.

How Often Should your Air Filter be Replaced?

With all of these advantages, you’re probably changing the filter more regularly, but how often is that necessary? The answer may vary depending on the amount of demand placed on your filter and the type of filter you use. But changing it every other month is a decent rule of thumb.

If you want a heating repair in San Bernardino, call Daniels Heating & Air Conditioning today at (888) 523-2643. Our team will help you analyze your house’s air filter replacement needs.

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