Why Is Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Every homeowner’s least favorable ordeal has to be when the temperature skyrockets and your air conditioner refuses to cooperate. However, you may not know why the sweltering heat is enough to drive you off the rails. It is advisable to rectify the problem as soon as possible as a small setback may render your AC unit useless.

Before hurrying to replace your air conditioning unit at the first sign of distress, you must identify why your AC unit is not blowing out cold air. Identifying the cause of your air conditioning unit’s problem makes it easier for you to convey your findings to your HVAC technician. Here are some possible reasons for your air conditioner to stop.

Electricity Issues

This might be the first thing you do, but it’s always better to recheck your unit’s connectivity to the power outlet. A loose connection and a faulty power cord could hinder your unit’s running and efficiency. Be sure to check your electric panel and power switches for problems as well.

Thermostat Issues

If there seem to be no problems with the electric outlet, the thermostat could be the culprit. If the temperature is set at a higher threshold, it might not be turning on. In this case, you should try setting the temperature at the lowest setting.

Clogged Furnace Filter

A clogged filter can lead to the automatic shutdown of your air conditioner unit. The shutdown prevents overheating and further damage to the motor.

A clogged filter does not allow sufficient airflow as well. It is advisable to clear out the filter and place it back with the help of a professional.

Dirty Condenser And Compressor

When dirt and debris accumulate on the condenser of your air conditioning unit, it slows down the cooling process. Clear your condenser out if there is a build-up of dirt but be careful not to bend or break any coils. The same goes for your compressor.

Ice Build-Up

Ice build-up could result from dirty condensers, clogged filters, or a lack of refrigerant due to leaks. All these factors lead to an accumulation of ice on the coils, which then restricts airflow. The unit will need to run with the fan on to melt the ice off the coils.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant should never have to be replaced as it does not run out; it is simply cycled between the outdoor and indoor units. But a refrigerant leak can cause a decrease in the cool air expelled by the air conditioning unit. It is highly advisable to contact an HVAC technician or the local HVAC agency if there are signs of a leak.

After identifying the problems with your AC unit, you will be able to gauge whether an air conditioning repair or replacement is required. It will be much easier to decide on the preferred air conditioning service after consulting with your HVAC technician.

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